Increase sales and expand your industry's product mix in retail. Improve business execution at distributors and local businesses.

Boost the promotion of your products

Stay ahead of the competition, improve business execution in indirect channels and POS

The Gofind platform offers solutions that improve industry sales penetration, optimizing the recurrence of orders at distributors, maximizing the potential of the product mix in retailers and connecting consumers to well-supplied local businesses.

  • Sell ​​more at local retailers and distributors;
  • Increase the mix of commercially available products;
  • Spice up the commercial pitch with demand data.
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Plan commercial actions based on the shopper's purchase intention

  • Receive demand data for products;
  • Anticipate and resolve disruptions quickly;
  • Data intelligence in POS expansion.
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Solve your
Business Challenges
With the Gofind platform, you solve business challenges inherent in strategic sectors of industries.
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Evita llamadas y quejas. Mejora tu nivel de servicio SAC con nuestra Plataforma.

Stimulate replacements in local commerce based on demand, fighting disruptions

The platform helps your industry improve the anticipation of stockouts by up to 50%. In addition, we helped expand the product mix in small retailers.

Increase the sell-out of launches and other catalog items

With Gofind, your Product Launches gain up to 160% more effectiveness.

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