Business challenges

Com a plataforma Gofind, você soluciona desafios de negócio inerentes aos setores estratégicos das indústrias.

have fewer calls

Evita llamadas y quejas. Mejora tu nivel de servicio SAC con nuestra Plataforma.

Stimulate replacements in local commerce based on demand, fighting disruptions

The platform helps your industry improve the anticipation of stockouts by up to 50%. In addition, we helped expand the product mix in small retailers.

Measuring the results of merchandising actions

Have proven indicators of product views, leads and visits generated with digital merchandising

Deliver scalable omnichannel trade marketing, going beyond the big networks

Offer digital presence for local Commerce. Creation of Google Profile and automatic website for stores.

Generate qualified POS leads for the commercial

Find out which POS have signaled interest in reselling your catalogue.

Give the commercial a differential to act in the local retail

With Gofind, your industry can offer small retailers exclusive advantages, giving the commercial sector one more differential in relation to the competition. Generate automated profile on Google, Website and content update with your product catalogue.

Show the commercial where there is demand for a larger mix

Our Platform's Positivation Map shows and generates evidence of demand for the retailer.

Increase sales to the shopper by diverting him from unavailability at the POS

The Gofind Product Locator shows stores well stocked with your products, diverting the shopper from out of stock stores.

Deliver an omnichannel journey to the shopper

The platform allows industries to impact the shopper in digital channels and indicate ways to buy in physical retail. More connections, Routes drawn and visits to Google profiles of retailers.

Having data and insights about the shopper's profile on the internet

Our dashboards allow for aggregated or detailed analysis by region, product and many other criteria.

Improve conversion of CTAs in online and offline campaigns

With the Product Locator, campaign conversion increases, especially Call to Actions.

Direct campaigns to well-positive regions

In addition to product availability, the platform shows where there is or is not demand. This helps their teams show the shopper the closest best-stocked store.

Knowing the effectiveness of the campaigns carried out

Improve your campaigns and launches by up to 160%

Increase number of active points of sale

Use demand data to expand your business operation. Sell ​​more to POS located in regions where your products are most in demand.

Increase product turnover by synchronizing efforts with Marketing

Integrate commercial and marketing actions. Guarantee the availability of your products in stores in the regions where the marketing campaigns impact the shopper.

Identify stores with demand for a wider product mix

Use shopper demand data to improve and increase the penetration of your product mix. Show the retailer which products in the mix he needs to buy to meet consumer demand.

Knowing the risk of disruption in small retail

Antecipe ruptura de produtos no varejo e tome decisões de forma ágil para corrigir falhas de abastecimento.

Differentiate yourself from other brands with distributors and POS to increase sales

Improve your commercial operation in direct and indirect channels. Sell ​​more in an optimized way and gain the competitive advantage that your company has always sought.

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