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How we do
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What is the channel program?

Channel Program is an offer developed for partner companies to indicate Gofind solutions to their customers. We built the program to bring sustainable gains to partners and customers.

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  • Monthly Recurring Revenue;
  • Gofind solution is delivered in a few days;
  • It takes little time from the partner's schedule;
  • The GoFind solution has no competitor;
  • We advertise your channel on our website;
  • We have great success stories;
  • Your company earns the Gofind Partner seal.
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Como funciona

Our partners participate in the process, but Gofind takes over the operation!

We make teams available to conduct negotiations and customer relations.

Your company is part of the Gofind channel network

Indicates customers and partners in your portfolio

We carry out the service with the indicated company

Your company takes more innovation to your network of contacts

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