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Royal Canin
Royal Canin
Heineken innovates and enables more than 5,000 small retailers to connect to Google for free

Heineken Brasil adopted the Gofind platform which, through a partnership with Google, keeps the profile of retailers updated with photos, addresses, hours and telephone numbers. In addition, the platform allows you to

In addition, the platform allows you to generate a free store website for dissemination. The Company Profile on Google and the website gain automated posts, based on the catalog of products available at that location.

<h5>Heineken innovates and enables more than 5,000 small retailers to connect to Google for free</h5>
Saint-Gobain uses technology that shows consumers where to find products.

Saint-Gobain, owner of Telhanorte and brands such as Brasilit and Quartzolit, makes use of a platform that keeps the profile of stores on the Internet updated with photos, addresses, opening hours and telephone numbers. “Each time the consumer searches the internet for our products and finds a local retailer, we believe we are adding value both for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and for consumers who have a better experience. In addition, we managed to be more precise in our marketing and sales actions”. comments the project leader, Camilo Leles, Digital Marketing manager at Saint-Gobain.

<h5>Saint-Gobain uses technology that shows consumers where to find products.</h5>
Industry approved

As we sell to retailers throughout Brazil, it was very difficult to answer consumers where they could find our products, using the Gofind system we have been able to answer this question more easily

Lívia Pena
Lívia Pena

Marketing Coordinator at Anita Cosméticos

“Gofind has become a great strategic partner in the experience we provide to our final consumer, indicating the place to find our products with much more precision. Also in the relationship with our resellers, as we can direct more flow to their stores. And yet, we have access to all the information and it makes us more strategic in our digital actions.”

Camilo Leles
Camilo Leles

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Saint-Gobain Brazil

“Our partnership with Gofind has been fundamental to help us in several points: more assertiveness with our consumer in the face of searches for our products, it provides us with strategic data on the performance of the products to support the marketing and commercial team, and even has helped us to heal ruptures and always be present where there is greater demand.”

Larissa Souza
Larissa Souza

Marketing Verde Campo