How we do

We believe that matching demand and supply changes the game.
Our platform maps the purchase intention and crosses it with product availability data at the POS, generating real value for the industries' business challenges.
Como fazemos

Gofind in 3 steps


Sell-in collection and availability calculation at POS
Using artificial intelligence and integration services, we collect retail sales data and calculate product availability in physical stores and online.

Direct sales

Indirect Sales

Large network data


Disclosure of products and collection of purchase intent

Your brand's products begin to be displayed to the shopper, in online and offline channels of thousands of retailers through our modules.

Local Commerce on Google





Product finder

In store


Decision Intelligence
Insights to support decisions and actions

With the insights layer of our platform, your company receives complete data, analysis, suggestions and automates decision-making.

Visualize in a simple interface or integrate data about outages, shopper profile, products, stock, POS, calls, routes and much more into your CRM.

Add Decision Intelligence to your teams' decision making.

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Trade Marketing

Make trade marketing more strategic by going beyond the big networks.

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Show where to find your products and raise the level of service.

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Drive sales and improve execution at local distributors and merchants.

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Your marketing guided by the shopper's purchase intention.

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